Starting or Running a Canna-business?

Colorado Cannabis Business Laws

Colorado is leading the way in the nation's emerging cannabis industry. As the first state to legalize cannabis, we have already experienced a booming new economy due to the many cannabis ventures that have flocked to our state in the last few years. While this has been profitable for many, the industry is also fledgling, highly regulated, and difficult to navigate. Whether you're starting a cannabis venture, or running one, you may find yourself facing legal difficulties you are not equipped to resolve.

At The Samuelson Law Firm, I understand the unique challenges the cannabis industry offers business owners and have developed a strong understanding on how to both comply with Colorado law and provide reliable, thorough solutions for common complications that can arise. It is possible to thrive in this Colorado industry and my firm can be your partner in ensuring the successful future of your canna-business.

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How We Can Assist Your Canna-Business?

Because the cannabis industry is so new, so regulated, and growing so fast, it can be hard for some business operators to take the correct steps in starting, operating, or protecting their business. That is why my team and I are prepared to handle an array of legal issues common to this new business landscape.

The Samuelson Law Firm can assist your canna-business with:

  • Licensing
  • Business planning
  • Negotiating with county and municipal agencies
  • Regulatory issues
  • Administrative sanctions
  • MMED enforcement investigations/administrative hearings
  • Investment opportunities
  • Buying or selling dispensaries (medical or recreational)

Whatever legal challenge you and your canna-business may be facing, I invite you to contact our firm today. My team and I are prepared to bring tough, personalized, and reliable counsel to you and your venture and give your canna-business they best possible footing to thrive in this exciting, new industry.

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