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Why the delay? The Samuelson Law Firm has an exceptional record for considering the best interests of those accused of criminal offenses throughout Colorado Springs. My firm also has extensive experience in a wide range of criminal defense cases, experience that could be a valuable asset for you. Consider our attorney information page to see our qualifications and get a better feel for what we are about and what we are capable of.

My legal staff understands that being charged with a criminal offense is scary and unnerving. At this time, you need truthful answers and wholehearted assistance and I can provide you with both! Why settle for good, when you can have the best? Here at The Samuelson Law Firm, we would love to offer you the quality reassurance, experience, and care that you deserve. I am here to represent you and to fight for your rights. Trust my firm with your case and we will defend you with passion, commitment, and excellence. Contact my firm today to receive the help you desperately need!

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