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Criminal Defense Lawyer in Colorado Springs, CO

Facing misdemeanor, felony, or federal charges? Call (719) 941-1127!

At The Samuelson Law Firm, your rights, interests, and freedoms are the priority. No matter what type of criminal charges you may be facing, my firm completely understands the life-changing nature of any criminal matter. Pursuing justice with precision, skill, and urgency is of the utmost importance, especially when your reputation is on the line.

My firm has a successful record of results defending clients who have been charged with misdemeanor, felony, or federal charges, including:

I have been recognized for my client-centric approach, results-oriented advocacy, and cost-effective representation. With an impressive track record of results, growing list of satisfied clients, and years of experience to my name, I am confident in my ability to help you navigate the difficult and complex terrain of the justice system. I will be at your side every step of the way.

Contact The Samuelson Law Firm today at (719) 941-1127 for a FREE consultation.

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  • At The Samuelson Law Firm, I believe in empowering my clients and serving as a mouthpiece for their rights. Behind every criminal charge or arrest there is a story with two sides. It is my job as a Colorado Springs defense lawyer to make sure your side of the story is heard.

    “I have saved people’s lives. I have saved people’s careers. I have saved people’s families.”

    No matter your charges, I believe you deserve your day in court. As a seasoned trial lawyer who has successfully defended the rights of countless individuals in all levels of juvenile, local, state, and federal courts, I am ready to do what it takes to protect your rights and freedoms as well.

    To speak with me confidentially regarding your specific matter, call (719) 941-1127. All initial consultations are free.

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I'm ready to PROTECT your interests in any way possible. You can rest assured that I'm PERSONALLY INVESTED in providing you with the best possible outcome.

- Chris Samuelson

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