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Although medical marijuana is now legal in Colorado and most states, if one does not follow the regulations the government has put forth, he or she may find themselves in a host of legal trouble. It is important that the regulations are followed to the letter or you may find yourself charged with possession of a controlled substance or distribution of a controlled substance.

Additionally, you may find yourself in trouble for what law enforcement considers unlawful marijuana cultivation. Regardless of whether you are using marijuana for medicinal purposes or if you own a medical marijuana dispensary, you will benefit from discussing your situation with a skilled medical marijuana defense attorney to ensure that you are not in violation of Colorado's strict regulations.

Have you been accused of a marijuana crime in Colorado such as driving under the influence of marijuana? You are not alone. Since the legalization of marijuana, there has been confusion regarding the legality of the substance. Find out more in a free consultation with a Colorado Springs marijuana defense lawyer dedicated to upholding your rights.

Laws Governing Marijuana in Colorado

Recently, Colorado passed two laws to further regulate the state's rapidly growing medical marijuana business. Under Amendment 20 doctors who in good standing are permitted to prescribe medicinal marijuana to patients to lessen the debilitating symptoms of various serious medical illnesses.

However, because of House Bill 1284 which was signed into law in 2010, the dispensaries where patients generally go to buy medicinal marijuana are under investigation and strict regulation.

Now, certain cities are allowed to ban dispensaries within their borders if they so choose. Furthermore, dispensaries must grow at least 70% of their stock. If you own a dispensary and are in violation of any of these provisions, you will be shut down and may find yourself in trouble with the law.

I Believe in Innocent Until Proven Guilty

At The Samuelson Law Firm I believe that my clients are innocent until proven guilty. We are a small boutique law firm, and my staff and I provide the one-on-one individualized legal representation you are looking for. When dealing with the new medical marijuana regulations, it is best to err on the side of caution.

However, if you find yourself in legal trouble, I can help you devise a defense that may result in your charges being reduced or dropped altogether. There are many viable defenses in drug cases and I can help you determine which defense is applicable and most effective for your case. To read more about Colorado's medical marijuana laws, visit this website.

If you are currently facing drug charges, you are in need of a strong and aggressive attorney on your side. Contact The Samuelson Law Firm today for the defense you deserve!

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