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What Should I Do After Being Accused of a Federal Crime in Colorado?

It is no secret that federal crimes carry the most severe consequences and punishments. Being convicted of a federal crime can result in high fines and land you in federal prison. Individuals accused of federal offences are not looked upon favorably by the judges, law enforcement officers, and prosecutors involved in the case. Because of the high stakes surrounding these high-level crimes, federal agencies such as the DEA, FBI, and ATF may have contributed to your arrest. When federal agencies are involved, you may be facing strong opposition. The most serious of crimes can even lead to the death penalty.

Just because an attorney is criminal defense attorney does not mean they are equipped to handle your federal crime charges. Unlike state charges, federal charges have mandatory minimum sentencing and the penalties are harsh. If you have been accused of any federal crime, you need an experienced and dedicated federal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Common federal offenses include:

When you are facing the federal government, you need to be sure that you are covered. Being brought in front of a grand jury with the immense breadth of resources of the United States government behind the prosecution, the unique procedures associated with federal court. I can help! Call my firm now to discuss your case and learn about the rights that are afforded to you during this time.​

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