Internet & Computer Crimes Accusations

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Internet and computer related crime can be very hard to grasp, mostly because the internet offers its users a certain amount of anonymity. This anonymity creates a false sense of safety that lulls users into thinking that their actions have either no consequences or that no one is watching them. The internet attracts people of all ages throughout the world. With younger individuals spend more and more time on the internet, their parents and other adults worry about the harmful content and persons that may be hiding out in the anonymous internet.

At The Samuelson Law Firm, we have a solid grasp on the danger the internet poses to unsuspecting individuals. My legal team and I have successfully defended many of our clients against internet and computer related criminal charges. I believe strongly in my clients and will work closely with you to build a case that will stand up to even the most overzealous of prosecutors. Find out how I can be an asset to your case in a free consultation!

Do I Need To Worry About Internet Crimes?

One of the downsides to the internet is the immense concern that many face concerning their children and teenagers having access to specific information or individuals online. This worry translates very easily into laws and many government task forces have been created to protect young people from danger online. The sad reality is that these same laws designed to protect the innocent, end up prosecuting them instead.

These government task forces and law enforcement groups employ a number of misleading and dishonest techniques in order to investigate and apprehend individuals that pose a threat, sexual or otherwise, to other people on the internet. These agents have been known to lure innocent individuals into doing something that they would not normally do. If you have been accused because of the overzealous enforcement of internet safety, you must seek help from an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

We can help defend you against numerous internet and computer crimes, including:

  • Identify theft
  • Hacking
  • Pornography law violation
  • Internet fraud
  • Credit card fraud
  • Copyright issues
  • Cyberstalking

While some of the most common internet- and computer-related crimes are of a sexual nature, recently the government has been cracking down on other copyright and internet security related crimes. Illegally downloading or streaming copyrighted material has taken its place as a pressing issue in the eyes of lawmakers and industry leaders. Attacks on certain high profile websites and the leaking of secret information have also led to some serious legal repercussions.

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No matter what the circumstances surrounding your charges may be, my criminal defense team and I are here to defend your liberty and protect your reputation. Being accused of an internet or computer crime may not seem serious, but there are drastic penalties associated with being accused of these crimes. This means you need a lawyer as soon as you discover that charges are being brought up against you.

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