Professional Licensing and Grievance Defense

Are You At Risk Of Losing Your Professional License?

If you are a lawyer, doctor, nurse, or any other licensed professional, you know just how scary it is when someone files a complaint about you and puts you at risk for losing your license. Without your license, you will not be able to continue practicing the profession that you have spent many years and a lot of money becoming licensed in. If you are facing review from your licensing board due to a grievance that someone issued against you, contact a criminal defense attorney immediately.

At The Samuelson Law Firm, our Colorado Springs lawyers are dedicated to fighting for the rights of the accused. Just because someone has made allegations against you does not make them true. We are here to ensure that the least possible damage is done following these claims. Speak with our legal team in a free consultation now!

Your Profession Is On The Line. Take Action Now.

When it comes to the medical profession, you are well aware that people will file complaints against their doctors or nurses in the heat of the moment, when they are overcome with grief at the loss of a loved one, or similar circumstance.

You do not deserve to lose your license after your best attempts to help a patient did not pay off. As an experienced criminal defense attorney, I can help defend you in your hearing and will present compelling case to prove that you are an attentive and caring medical professional, and do not deserve to have your license revoked. It is not just people in the medical profession who may find themselves up for review from their licensing board. Social workers, attorneys, judges, and other professionals may find they have to defend themselves just to be able to continue making a living for themselves. Whatever your profession is, my firm can help you with your trial.

Helping Professionals in Colorado Springs, CO

At The Samuelson Law Firm, I have over 15 years of experience practicing criminal defense. My small boutique law firm will throw all of our resources and manpower behind your case to investigate, explore all possibilities and devise the best defense for you. The loss of your professional license may become public information, meaning that you may be further unable to get or maintain employment moving forward. No one should be penalized in this manner! When you work with our defense team, you know that your future is in the best possible hands.

Call The Samuelson Law Firm as soon as possible to explore the possible defenses we can employ on your behalf!