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Burglary is generally defined as entering a building or locked structure unlawfully with the intent to commit a crime, and a suspect can be charged with burglary regardless of whether the crime is actually committed or not. Burglary does not have to be theft and nothing has to have been broken for you to enter. This means that if you trespass through an unlocked, open door, you can be charged with burglary. Unlike a robbery where fear or force is sued to acquire someone's property, a victim is usually not present during a burglary. There are different degrees of burglary in Colorado depending on the severity of the crime.

For example, if drugs are involved or if someone is assaulted during the attempt, the charges for burglary are more severe and so are the penalties. For example, there was a large increase in daytime residential burglaries in Sand Creek during March 2010, and suspects were kicking in doors of targeted homes and stealing guns, jewelry and small electronics. Police officers took drastic measures to notify neighborhood residents and additional patrol officers, motor officers, detectives and crime analysts were brought in to track down suspected offenders. If you are accused of burglary in Colorado Springs, you can expect to face harsh prosecution in court.

Don't be unprepared when someone has accused you of burglary. There is always more than one side to every story, and The Samuelson Law Firm seeks to expose your side, protect your rights, and ensure you are not impacted by a criminal charge. Get started by speaking with our team in a complimentary case consultation.

What Constitutes a Burglary?

Under Colorado law, there are a three different degrees of burglary that you can be accused of. First and second degree burglary involve breaking and entering into a building. Third degree burglary involves breaking into a container.

  • Third degree burglary: Least serious burglary offense that involves the accused breaking into a container, such as a cash register, vault, safe, or deposit box.
  • Second degree burglary: A building has been entered with the intention of committing a crime while inside. If this building is a residence, the charges are taken more seriously.
  • First degree burglary: Someone has broken into a building and in addition with the intent to commit a crime, has assaulted someone, used a weapon, has an explosive, or is armed and threatens harm.

One of the most important elements when accused of a burglary is developing the intention to commit a crime. If it cannot be shown that then accused burglary suspect meant to commit a crime when they entered the premises, then they may not be convicted of burglary. Attorney Samuelson will try and reduce and eliminate any burglary charges you may be facing.

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At The Samuelson Law Firm you will find us to be on your side, no matter the circumstances. I have a very competent and caring team that has been with me for many years. My record of success speaks for itself. Effective and successful defense begins the moment you have been charged or arrested. Evidence illegally obtained or basic rights violated can result in the dismissal of a case. The possible consequences from a burglary conviction can include incarceration, significant fines, and a criminal record which can seriously affect your future employment. The confusion, worry and valid concern for your future can sometimes inhibit action at a time like this. Don't let that happen in your case. Whatever the apparent or actual circumstances, you need to act fast and act now and contact a Colorado Springs criminal defesnse attorney from my firm to get the experienced and effective legal advocacy you need.

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