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Common Theft Crimes in Colorado Springs

Shoplifting, sometimes called retail theft, is a common theft crime in Colorado that is often committed out of an impulse or as a youthful prank. Unfortunately, a number of people are subject to the compulsion to shoplift at some point in their life and end up being repeat offenders. Although the item stolen may be of little value, being charged with a theft of any size can have serious consequences and a very negative impact on your future. Statistics show that half a billion dollars a year are lost in Colorado because of shoplifting, and nearly $50 billion are lost throughout the nation.

Lawmakers throughout Colorado have recently introduced a new bill to crack down on organized retail crime and give law enforcement more options in handling these offenses. The bill also addresses stores that knowingly buy stolen goods to resell them. It is still unclear what the full implications of this bill are, but those who are accused of shoplifting must be aware that they will be facing harsh prosecution in court. If you've been accused of shoplifting, talk to a Colorado Springs criminal defense lawyer today.

Common Methods for Catching Shoplifters

Most stores have surveillance equipment installed to help their loss-prevention staff catch anyone who attempts to hide merchandise and leave the store without paying for it. Theft of property with a value of under $1,000 is generally charged as a misdemeanor. This does not mean that the consequences of being convicted are not serious. Whether or not you will be sentenced to jail depends on your prior criminal history. Conviction of a misdemeanor theft crime can mean up to 18 months in jail plus hefty fines and a criminal record. Professional shoplifters who make a living off of shoplifting are known in the retail industry as boosters, and those who have previous theft offenses on their criminal record will be subject to more penalties.

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