Assault & Battery Charges in Colorado Springs

Aggressive Defense From a Colorado Springs Criminal Attorney

Perhaps a simple discussion turned into a disagreement which became heated and got out of hand. Once the police arrived on the scene, the situation went completely out of your control as officers often tend to accept the complaining person's version of the story. If your relationship with the alleged victim is or has been intimate at any time, the assault may be classified as domestic violence. Importantly, you should know of the difference between assault and battery. Assault is simply the intentional act of causing fear, without actual physical impact. Battery occurs when there is an actual physical impact between those caught in a conflict.

Being arrested for any offense can be an intimidating experience. According to TESSA one in six households are affected by domestic violence and one in four women in Colorado claim to be victims of sexual abuse. It is not unlikely or uncommon that you may face an accusation of assault at some point in your life, and these serious offenses can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony. These penalties are serious, which is why hiring an experienced and aggressive Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney is so essential.

Penalties for Assault

There are different degrees of assault charges that are outlined in Colorado Revised Statutes §13-14-102, and these charges are generally combined with a charge of battery. The charge will be lighter if there are only minor injuries, but if there are severe injuries or the use of a weapon or a drug was involved. Penalties for conviction can include probation, a jail sentence, up to 10 years in prison, mandatory domestic violence classes, fines, and a conviction on your record.

Conviction can also have a negative impact on the rest of your life as background checks by educational institutions and prospective employers are becoming more common. The good news is that simply being arrested and charged does not mean you are guilty or will be convicted. You do need professional legal help to mount a powerful defense and protect your rights, and experienced defense lawyer will investigate the circumstances leading to your arrest to gather evidence vital to your defense.

What is Battery?

Battery involves the intentional use of force to inflict injury. It is often coupled with an assault charge as in "assault and battery". Because it is considered a violent crime, prosecutors often overcharge battery. This means that the charge filed against the alleged offender is very often more severe than the circumstances warrant. There are different levels of battery charges outlined in Colorado's Revised Statutes. It takes a qualified criminal defense attorney to evaluate the specifics of your case and construct a defense tailored to your circumstances. If you are considering handling your own defense or simply pleading guilty, you should talk to experienced legal counsel before you make such an important legal decision.

Penalties for Battery Offenses

Depending upon the severity of the charges brought against, you may face penalties including a jail or prison sentence and a criminal conviction on your record if you are convicted. The police and prosecutor may have treated you as though you were already convicted. Don't be fooled into thinking there is no point in fighting. In criminal matters, nothing is certain, and you do have the right to a strong and skilled defense. The burden of proof is on the prosecution. We take each client's case personally and are dedicated to protecting your best interests. My firm has investigated criminal charges and provided skilled criminal defense for many years.

A battery defense lawyer at my firm is dedicated to unearthing evidence crucial to getting the charges dropped or reduced. There can be a number of strong defense strategies possible in a battery case which might include self-defense or defense of another. It is important that you are represented by legal counsel who is also highly skilled in the courtroom not just a good negotiator. A prosecutor will not usually go to trial without being fairly sure of a win. Most cases are settled before they go to trial, but you need to know that your criminal defense lawyer is ready to face a jury if that is what it takes to obtain a successful outcome. Need a Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney? Call The Samuelson Law Firm for a free case evaluation and find out what can be done in your defense.

Start Fighting Your Charges

At my criminal defense law firm, you will be fully informed about your defense options from the outset. I take the time to fully investigate your case and am skilled at searching out evidence that the police do not have or which was omitted from the police report. The Samuelson Law Firm has been providing effective criminal defense to clients for over 15 years. We understand the seriousness of your situation and are ready to stand by your side using every available legal tool to help you avoid unnecessarily harsh consequences by going toe to toe with the prosecution if necessary to get a successful result.