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Accused Of Offering Or Accepting A Bribe?

A person can be charged with bribery after attempting to, or succeeding in the offer or acceptance of money, gifts or other items of value in exchange for favors or action that the offender will benefit from in some way. Bribery was made into a crime in order to prevent public officials and other government workers from compromising their obligations by accepting bribes in exchange for special favors that may impact the public. As well-known as bribery may be too many throughout the United States and the world, the successful prosecution of bribery charges may not always be so easy to find.

While many bribery charges strongly affect the person giving the bribe, it is also illegal for a public official to accept the bribe. No matter what side of a bribery charge you may be on, you know you have the solid legal defense of The Samuelson Law Firm on your side. Our bribery attorney can help defend you against these charges and prevent your good name from being dragged through the mud.

Penalties For Bribery Crimes in Colorado

Bribery generally involves a small number of people, which means there are few witnesses that are willing to come forward. Moreover, unless the exchange of value can be located and traced dependably, it may be impossible to show an act actually taking place. Bribery is a serious crime and for many, the consequences are not easy to face.

Penalties for those convicted of bribery includes:

  • Felony crime on your record
  • State prison term of at least one year
  • Removed from your job position
  • Prohibited from working in any elected position

With your rights and job on the line, being accused of a bribery crime means you need to act quickly, now. Consider discussing your case with a knowledgeable Colorado Springs white collar crimes attorney for the best advice moving forward.

Effective Bribery Defense Lawyers in Colorado Springs

Over our 15 years in practice serving clients throughout the Colorado Springs area, I, along with my staff have worked hard to provide the accused in white collar crimes with the best possible defense. We believe strongly that everyone should have a right to the strongest defense available, and should have access to them. When we approach a case, we do it through the eyes of the accused. This can help to provide the extra incentive needed to really build a defense that speaks to the truth behind the accusations while allowing the defendant to find most favorable court decision possible.

If you have been accused of accepting or offering money or gifts involved in the public interest, contact a Colorado Springs bribery attorney with experience in successful white collar crime defense.

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