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Conspiracy is a crime wherein two or more people agree that they will commit a crime, or act in an illegal manner. A crime does not actually need to be committed for someone to be guilty of conspiracy. Conspiracy is a serious crime that carries with it harsh penalties. If you are being charged with conspiracy, it is essential that you speak with a Colorado Springs white collar crimes attorney from our firm today. Time is of the essence when facing serious criminal charges, and your attorney needs to get started on your defense as soon as possible.

What To Do About Conspiracy Charges?

It is difficult to give a general guideline of what the punishments for a conspiracy conviction may entail, because every case is unique. If a crime that two people conspired to commit was in fact attempted, the defendants may be tried as if the crime was committed successfully. Additionally, all members of a conspiracy are held responsible for all of the actions of all the other members of the conspiracy. In other words, if a co-conspirator hurts someone during the attempted crime, all members of the conspiracy will be charged with that crime. As you can see, it is a serious crime that may lead to months or years in jail. Furthermore, depending upon the circumstances, conspiracy can be charged as a federal crime.

There are some defenses that can be employed by a defense lawyer when you have been accused of conspiracy:

  • Abandonment of the crime before you had been accused
  • Actions that have been taken are not actually illegal
  • Impossibility in the circumstances required to complete the crime

In order to ensure your defense, you need to be sure your attorney has the experience necessary to fully examine the case, the evidence that the government has against them, and how it can be proven that the alleged criminal had nothing to do with the crime in question. Since you may be facing the government, it is important that your representation is not afraid to fight this power on your behalf.

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If you are facing conspiracy charges, these are not to be taken lightly. Contact me at the Samuelson Law Firm immediately to discuss your case and possible defenses. My firm has over 15 years of experience in criminal and white collar crime defense, including embezzlement, money laundering, and tax evasion. I, along with my staff, may be able to help you reduce your charges, or better yet, prove your innocence.

Contact a Colorado Springs conspiracy lawyer today to discuss your case. I will aggressively fight for your innocence and freedom.

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