White Collar Crime: Insurance Fraud

The Dangerous Nature of Federal Charges

Are you being investigated for insurance fraud? Like all other white collar crimes, insurance fraud gets zealous investigation and federal law enforcement because these crimes are usually very high profile cases. The media attention that insurance fraud receives puts a lot of pressure on law makers and prosecutors to set an example, and suspected offenders are the ones who take the hit. This means that anyone accused of insurance fraud needs to act quickly in order to protect their interests.

The Samuelson Law Firm is here for you during these trying times. Any criminal accusations have a profound effect, and even if you are not found guilty of these crimes, you may face repercussions in your community or with your job. When you work with our defense lawyers in Colorado Springs, you know that we are doing everything to protect your rights during this time.

Insurance Fraud Heavily Punished in Colorado

Insurance fraud occurs when individuals or non-licensed entities sell bogus or illegal insurance. This crime has been on the rise because more and more consumers are looking for affordable insurance solutions during this time of economic hardship. Fraud can also occur when an insurance agent deceives the insurance company and the consumer by issuing a false certificate of insurance. This alleged certificate of insurance may be priced at a much lower cost and may appear more affordable. The most common types of this insurance fraud relate to auto and commercial policies, and many consumers are reporting unpaid claims. A third kind of insurance fraud occurs when someone deceives an insurance company with the aim of collecting money that they do not fully need.

Depending on the type of fraud that you are alleged to have committed, you may be facing misdemeanor or felony charges. You might be facing very large fines and even prison time if you get convicted for an insurance fraud charge. The defense you choose makes a difference, and our team is committed to ensuring the best possible outcome in your criminal case.

Retain an Aggressive Colorado Springs Criminal Lawyer

If you have been accused of insurance fraud, you must be warned that insurance companies looking into the claims brought against you and their investigators are quite expert at what they do. They are eager to set an example and discourage anyone else from trying to mess with them. If you have been charged, or are under investigation, you need help. The last thing you want is some lawyer who takes your money, tells you to fill out some forms and cuts off communication until your court date. You want a lawyer who is committed and friendly, someone who genuinely takes an interest in your case. When I represent a client, I utilize every legal resource available and my extensive courtroom experience to prepare a solid, impenetrable defense that will stand up in court. Call today and see what The Samuelson Law Firm can do for you.

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