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Money laundering is the process by which the illegal origin of a sum of money is concealed so that it appears to have come from a legal source. Often times, a fake business is the "front" of a money laundering operation. However, having a fake business is not a requirement to be charged with money laundering.

Money laundering is often charged in association with other crimes, such as:

If you are facing a white collar crime charge with money laundering on top of it, the money laundering charge will act as an enhancement, and will increase the severity of the crime, as well the consequences you will be facing if convicted.

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Defending Against White Collar Crimes

One of the key elements of money laundering is intent. The person that is accused of committing this crime must knowingly commit a financial transaction with the proceeds from some other illegal activity with the expressed intent of:

  • Continuing an illegal activity
  • Hiding these proceeds from the IRS
  • Concealing the ownership or control of these proceeds
  • Avoid reporting the transaction to state and federal authorities

Beyond intent, a sufficient amount of money needs to be moved through the system. Money laundering is a serious crime because of the affect it can have on the worldwide economy. Because of the nature of money laundering, often occurring across state lines, or in several businesses at once, it is often tried as a federal crime.

A federal money laundering charge can result in some serious penalties if you are convicted. Any money laundering conviction can result in probation, restitution, community service, monetary fines and jail or even prison time.

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