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Protecting Yourself from the IRS and Tax Evasion Charges

It doesn't matter if your actions were intentional or if you just made a mistake, you could face a criminal tax investigation if you failed or refused to file your tax return, misreported your income, or claimed excess deductions. Depending on the severity of the charges and the circumstances surrounding this offense, you could face stiff fines and possible incarceration. At The Samuelson Law Firm, we have helped many of our clients successfully fight tax evasion or tax fraud charges. A Colorado Springs white collar crimes attorney from our firm will fight aggressively on your behalf to minimize the damages of a tax evasion criminal investigation. Find out more my calling The Samuelson Law Firm now for additional information.

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My firm is dedicated to providing our clients with the professional guidance and legal representation necessary to take on the IRS and protect your interests. I know how stressful an out of control tax situation can be especially in this tough economic climate where every dollar counts. I promise that I will approach each case as if I was the one being investigated. Unlike other firms, I have surrounded myself with a legal team that I truly trust. We have worked together for years on cases such as yours and we would like to extend our past history of success to your situation.

Depending on the circumstances of your offense, you may be under federal investigation by the IRS Criminal Investigation Division (CID). This division of the IRS is focused exclusively on investigating tax evasion and other tax fraud offenses. They are highly trained accountants who will go through every piece of information they can get their hands on in order to come to a solid conclusion on whether to prosecute your case or to drop the charges against you. Should they choose to prosecute, it is important that you have a realistic understanding of your situation. In many cases an individual will have little chance of refuting the evidence piled up against them. My job will then be to convince the IRS or the Department of Justice Tax Division that you made a serious mistake and did not intentionally mean to rip off the government. Together we can work through whatever situation you may be stuck in. With my solid legal counsel, we can fight whatever criminal charges you may face.

If you stand accused of tax evasion or fraud, you need to contact a Colorado Springs tax evasion attorney immediately.

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