Arrested for DUI in Colorado Springs, CO?

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Being arrested for DUI can be a frightening experience with harsh consequences in the short and long term. If you are convicted, you face steep fines, loss of your driving privileges, community service, alcohol awareness classes and jail time. Later down the line you can be burdened with thousands of dollars in driver's license surcharges and high-risk insurance fees. If you drive for a living, your CDL and thus your ability to earn a living may be at stake.

If you have been arrested for DUI, talking to the police or immediately pleading guilty can be costly mistakes. At The Samuelson Law Firm, no matter the evidence against you or the circumstances you find yourself in, we always work to produce the best end result possible in your case. As a member of the National College for DUI Defense, I use my 15 years of experience in all types of DUI cases to prepare and deliver aggressive defenses against DUI charges.

Reasons Why a DUI Arrest Can Occur

Most cases begin with an officer having probable cause to pull you over for suspected drunk driving. This is the first place where a knowledgeable Colorado Springs DUI attorney can look for a flaw in the prosecution's case. If a police officer did not have a legal reason to stop you, subsequent evidence that was gathered may be inadmissible in court.

Law enforcement is able to make a DUI arrest when:

  • Police officer personally witnesses a crime being committed, such as speeding
  • Police officer has strong reason to suspect that a DUI is occurring
  • An otherwise lawful traffic stop was made where the driver indicated intoxication
  • A warrant has previously been issued for the arrest of the driver

Commonly, the next step is field sobriety tests or breath and blood tests, taken under Colorado's express consent laws. These tests are designed to determine if you are intoxicated and your blood alcohol content (BAC) level but they can be administered incorrectly or may themselves contain errors that can be utilized in your defense. However, if your arrest was now lawful, a criminal defense attorney can challenge the validity of the arrest and if drunk driving charges can be brought against you to begin with.

Do You Need a DUI Defense Lawyer For a Colorado Springs Stop?

If you have been jailed after your arrest, we provide service whenever needed in order to meet your bond conditions and to expedite your quick release from jail. At that point, there are normally two separate legal actions against you that require resolution. One is a hearing before the Department of Motor Vehicles regarding suspension of your driving privileges and the other is the criminal case on your DUI charges. As a citizen of this state you have rights that deserve to be protected and that is what I am here for, from the start to the finish of your DUI case. When you work with The Samuelson Law Firm, you get an attorney that will not only guide you through the process but explore every possible avenue relating to your legal defense.

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