About Ignition Interlock Devices

Colorado Springs DUI Lawyer Explains

An ignition interlock is a machine that is placed on your motor vehicle to prevent you from operating it while under the influence of alcohol. It is used when an individual is driving under restraint (has had their license suspended or revoked). The use of this device entails you giving a breath sample prior to starting your vehicle and it additionally requires that you give further breath samples while operating your car or truck. Your vehicle will not start up if the ignition interlock detects an elevated alcohol concentration level.

An experienced Colorado Springs DUI attorney from The Samuelson Law Firm can help you to understand how the use of an ignition interlock device applies to your individual situation, where to obtain the device, how it operates and the strict conditions that go along with its use and maintenance.

What Should I Know About Ignition Interlock Devices?

You will be required to have and use an interlock device for varying amounts of time, depending on the circumstances of your DUI arrest, conviction and sentencing. For a first time DUI offense and if you have been approved for early reinstatement of your driving privileges, there is an 8-month requirement for the device to be installed on your vehicle. If your blood alcohol content was greater than .17% or you have multiple DUI convictions, there is a 2-year interlock requirement. When you are designated as a habitual traffic offender with a DUI offense, you may have to use the device for 4 years. In the case of multiple instances of refusing breath or blood tests when stopped for a DUI, if you meet specific requirements, an ignition interlock device will be required for up to 2 years.

The IID works in multiple ways to ensure that the driver behind the wheel is sober:

  • Blow an alcohol-free sample before the car will even start
  • Require randomly times samples of breath during driving
  • Ask for a specific breath pattern to be used while giving the sample
  • Using a short cord only capable of reaching the driver's seat
  • Making it an additional crime to ask someone to breathe into the device

In addition, any "failures" noted by the ignition interlock device will be recorded in addition to any attempts to disconnect the device and all engine stops and starts. This information is then reported to the courts, which have the opportunity to alter any sentencing based on this information.

Get The Help Of a DUI Attorney in Colorado Springs

If you or a loved one have been arrested for any type of DUI crime, it is best to obtain our services well before the need for an ignition interlock device is required. I have 15 years of hard-won experience in defending DUI charges and have lectured to other attorneys, judges and expert witnesses locally and nationally on DUI defense strategies. There are many effective ways to produce a positive result in a DUI case and solely because you were arrested does not guarantee that you will be found guilty of what you are charged with.

To learn about ignition interlock devices and their proper operation, contact a Colorado Springs DUI lawyer for assistance.