Pretrial Diversion in Colorado

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A common misconception about fighting DUI charges is that your options are limited. By enlisting the help of a skilled Colorado Springs DUI attorney, the opportunities before you open up. One option is what Colorado law refers to as pretrial diversion.

Pretrial diversion attempts to reduce the number of cases in the criminal justice system by identifying defendants who would benefit more from a rehabilitation program than conviction. It essentially places your trial on a hold for up to two years, allowing you time to prove that the charges against you should be dropped. With my extensive legal experience, I can help you seek a pretrial diversion.

Am I Eligible for a Pretrial Diversion?

To determine eligibility, the district attorney considers the following:

  • The nature of the crime committed
  • The defendant's criminal record
  • The possibility of rehabilitation and reintegration if the diversion were granted

People facing DUI charges are often ideal candidates for pretrial diversion because the crime is often a one-time offense, making successful reintegration highly likely.

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Diversion Agreement Conditions

If you are granted a pretrial diversion, you will enter into a diversion agreement for up to two years. It is crucial for you to enlist the help of a skilled Colorado Springs DUI lawyer to make sure the terms of the agreement are to your benefit. The typical agreement will ask you to:

  • Wave your right to a speedy trial
  • Refrain from any criminal activity
  • Participate in community service
  • Complete a court-ordered rehabilitative program
  • Pay restitution

After the term has ended, an individual who fulfills the obligations set forth in the diversion agreement will have all the criminal charges dismissed with prejudice. If the defendant violates the conditions, prosecution will resume.

A Lawyer Who Knows the System

When you face DUI charges, it is easy to feel hopeless. You will need the counsel of an experienced Colorado Springs DUI attorney to fight for you. I take your case as seriously as you do. If you are think a pretrial diversion is the best option for you, contact The Samuelson Law Firm today.

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