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Has Your Underage Driver Been Accused of DUI?

In Colorado, an adult driver found with a blood alcohol content of .05% to .08% percent has a good chance of only being charged with DWAI, or driving while ability impaired. While still serious, this is a lesser charge than DUI, and generally carries with it lesser penalties. Conversely, a driver under the age of 21 found with a blood alcohol content as low as .02% percent can face a full-blown DUI conviction. Colorado laws are particularly strict on underage DUI offenders. A conviction of DUI on a young person's record can have harsh consequences in the areas of job opportunities, insurance rates, college scholarships, loans and aid, and in terms of potential license suspension and community service time.

An underage driver convicted of DUI is also much more susceptible to facing jail time should there be a subsequent DUI conviction in the future. If you or your loved one is an underage driver charged with DUI, it is vital that you speak with a competent Colorado Springs DUI lawyer in order to assess the situation and advise you on how to move forward with the appropriate legal action.

What Are The Penalties For Underage DUI?

There are limited situations in Colorado when a driver under the legal drinking age of 21 is allowed to even consume alcohol, including for religious, medical, or educational purposes. However, if the driver consumes alcohol and then gets into a car with a measurable amount in their system, they face strict DUI penalties. This is due to the high number of underage drivers that are affected in car accident fatalities.

For an underage driver, the following penalties apply:

  • First DUI offense: Three to nine month license suspension, up to one year imprisonment, up to $1,000 in fines, and community service.
  • Second or more DUI offense: Six month to one year license suspension, up to six months of imprisonment, a $1,500 fine, and community service.

Depending on the circumstances of the arrest, an underage driver may find themselves facing additional penalties. Further, insurance costs will also significantly rise, with some providers refusing to provide insurance to the underage driver at all. This can be prevented with the help of a DUI defense attorney.

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