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For couples who are ready to enter into a civil union, it is often wise to form a civil union agreement before legalizing your marriage. In the unfortunate event that your union should end, either through separation or divorce, your pre-civil union agreement is designed to protect any financial interests that may be involved in or affected by the dissolution of your union. Similar to any partnership, making an agreement ahead of time helps make both your lives easier down the line, should the unexpected occur.

Items addressed in your civil union agreement include:

  • Obligations regarding any property
  • Who is able sell, lease, and sell the property
  • Who is entitled to which parts of the property
  • Spousal support payments and responsibilities
  • Drawing up a will to supplement the provisions
  • Life insurance policy benefits in the event of death

Consulting with a Colorado Springs civil union attorney can help you understand what is, by law, allowed to be included in your civil union agreement. I can also draft and review your agreement to make sure it is comprehensive and legally binding.

What if I want to alter my pre-civil union agreement?

After you have entered into a civil union, it is possible to amend your agreement. Sometimes, couples decide to revisit their pre-civil union agreements if they acquire new property, or if they decide that the terms previously agreed upon were based on a misrepresentation of assets, or would cause undue financial stress to one or both of the individuals involved. If you are hoping to revisit your civil union agreement, there are several laws determining what elements of the document you are allowed to change, and how to go about changing them. Most importantly, both partners must agree to alter the agreement.

Consulting with an experienced civil union and divorce lawyer can help save you from unnecessary financial stress in the future. Be proactive and begin drafting your civil union agreement today - you won't regret it.

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