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When filing your separation agreement, you will also have to create a parenting plan for your children. To make sure you get the most out of your child custody and visitation arrangements, work with me, a Colorado Springs child custody lawyer at The Samuelson Law Firm. My staff and I consistently provide compassionate, attentive legal counsel for all family law matters, including custody and visitation rights.

The most effective way to approach a parenting plan negotiation is to remember that your child's well-being is the most important element of all decisions. As we progress forward, we always keep in mind your child's interests and what will benefit them. Our team treats every case as if it is our own, and it shows in the results we are always able to deliver.

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Creating an Effective Parenting Plan

The most effective parenting plan does an excellent job of meeting the expectations of both parents, as well as providing a stable environment in which the child or children can learn to thrive. As your attorney, I can help guide you through an evaluation of your children's developmental stage, then outline a thorough parenting schedule that satisfies both parties.

In a parenting plan, two key elements of the children's lives are established:

  • Legal custody: Outlines which parent will have the right to determine the children's medical care, education, and general welfare. Both parents can be granted the decision-making authority; however, this must be specifically outlined in the plan. Child support payment requirements will also be addressed in the plan.
  • Physical custody: Determines where the children will live; or, in the case of shared custody, how long the children will spend time in each home. Factors taken into consideration when deciding this include children's school location, as well as the availability of each parent. Furthermore, parameters for contact with other relatives are also addressed.

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At my boutique law firm, we are able to offer you and your family a level of personalized attention and customized counsel that many other firms are not able to provide. We invest ourselves into your case, determining the particulars of your situation and helping you to come to the best possible result. When it comes to your family, you want to know that your interests are being represented by a divorce attorney who is dedicated to helping your family emerge successfully from the negotiations.

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