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What is the Purpose for Restraining & Protective Orders in Colorado?

Protective and restraining orders can keep an individual from:

  • Making contact with the petitioner via phone, email, etc.
  • Being near the petitioner's home, workplace, and school
  • Harassing or threatening the petitioner
  • Using the joint property of the petitioner

If you are seeking to file a protective order against another individual, or if you have had one filed against you, seek my informative counsel at The Samuelson Law Firm. Here, my staff and I make sure the needs of our clients are always our main priority, and we work hard to make sure you are protected. From representing you in court to handling all the necessary paperwork, nothing is more important to us than making sure you are safe. As your dedicated Colorado Spring divorce lawyer, I am committed to your peace of mind, and this includes keeping you informed about your options as your case progresses.

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Divorce & Restraining Orders in Colorado Springs

Restraining orders can provide protection for both yourself and any children who may reside in your household. You have the option of including the details of your protective order within the proceedings of your divorce, if you choose. Until the divorce is finalized, you would need to get a temporary restraining order, which provides protection until the conclusion of the divorce proceedings. Permanent restraining orders are also available in extreme cases of persistent, threatening behavior.

Whether or not you choose to include your restraining order terms as part of your divorce proceedings, you may need to consider what type of restraining order you wish to apply for. A temporary restraining order is only active for a limited period of time, while a permanent restraining order can last a predetermined number of years and can even be extended. A no-contact restraining order applies to both parties, meaning that neither person may contact the other in any circumstances. Consult with our family law and divorce attorney in Colorado Springs to come to a decision about what kind of protective order will best serve you and your family.

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