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Common Questions 
About Criminal Charges

Answers from a Top Colorado Springs Defense Attorney

Most people who are caught in the criminal justice system are uncertain about what to expect during each step of the process. There are certain questions I am asked on a frequent basis, and my clients have found the answers to be beneficial in many ways.

I have provided the answers to these questions below, and I encourage you to contact my firm for additional answers and legal protection from criminal accusations. Often an early involvement in a case can create opportunities to get charges reduced or dismissed altogether, so call today.

Will I go to jail for a first time DUI?

Any DUI offense can include jail time. There are contributing factors, including the judge on the bench, what your blood alcohol content was, as well as if you were speeding or endangering others and later tested and found to be under the influence. Don't assume a first time DUI is minor — it isn't. I have many published works and have taught numerous classes to other attorneys on the subject of DUI and how to best defend it. I invite you to contact me directly at my firm, The Samuelson Law Firm, without delay if you are facing first time DUI charges or even more serious felony DUI charges.

Do I really need a lawyer in a criminal charge?

That depends on if you want to be punished or want to fight back. Those who are proactive and know how important a high quality, aggressive defense lawyer and move quickly to get legal representation after an arrest are much more likely to avoid penalties.

Isn't it expensive to have a criminal defense lawyer?

How much is your time worth to you? Spending your time in jail or prison will damage your future, possibly your ability to hold a professional license and other serious consequences. It is always important to fight back with the help of an aggressive criminal defense lawyer. Even on a DUI charge, the costs of a conviction extend far beyond your fines, missed work, vehicle impoundment costs and court fees. You will also have a much higher insurance rate that will continue for years. Never underestimate how important it is that you have high quality legal representation if you are facing criminal charges.

If I did not do anything wrong, do I need to worry?

The criminal justice system is far from perfect, and you are always hearing about prisoners being set free after many years because DNA evidence proved that they were not actually guilty. More often than we like to think, innocent people are convicted and left to suffer harsh penalties such as prison time. Regardless of the charges that you may be facing, you always need the best legal defense you can find. A criminal defense attorney cannot guarantee a result, but your odds of avoiding a wrongful conviction are dramatically increased.

Do I have to give consent for the police to search my home or my car?

You are never required by law to give consent to a search by the police. Police officers may try to convince you to give your consent by threatening to detain you until they secure a search warrant, but you have the absolute right to say no. Despite anything that law enforcement may say, it is never a good idea to give your consent to search.

What does a Grand Jury do?

A grand jury is simply a group of people who are called by the prosecutor to gather information about suspected criminal activity. They gather this information during a proceeding by listening to testimony from witnesses and by examining documents and evidence. At the end of the proceeding, the grand jury decides whether there is enough evidence to put the defendant on trial. Grand juries are typically convened for more serious and complicated cases.

How does a district attorney decide which criminals to charge?

Also known as a prosecutor, a district attorney analyzes many factors to determine which crimes should be charged. In most cases, the police will send a report to the prosecutor after they finish investigating a crime. At this point, the prosecutor analyzes the case and determines whether it is legally sound and without obvious defects. If there was a violation of the defendant's constitutional rights or destruction of evidence, the prosecutor may choose to drop the case. The prosecutor may also look at the defendant's culpability, the quality of the evidence, the amount of evidence and other factors to decide if a crime should be charged.

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